Hyperimmune Egg Clinical Studies

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Administration to Arthritis Patients of a Dietary Supplement Containing Immume Egg: An Open-Label Pilot Study Greenblatt, H. C., Adalsteinsson, O., and L. Kagen 1998 Journal of Medicinal Food 1:171-178.
Pilot Study on the effect of Hyperimmune Egg Protein on Elevated Cholesterol Levels and Cardiovascular Risk Factors Karge, W.H, DeLuca, J.P., Marchitelli, L., J., Champagne, C., Tulley, R., Rood, J., Paulos, M. A., and H. R. Lieberman 1999 Journal of Medicinal Food 2:51-63.
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Inhibition of Diarrhea by Immune Egg: A Castor Oil Mouse Model Jacoby, H. I., Moore, G., and G. Wnorowski 2001 Journal of Nutraceuticals, Functional & Medical Foods 3:47-53.
Improvements in Quality of Life for HIV/AIDS Patients Using Hyperimmune Egg — The TASO Study Kizito, FB 2005 3rd International AIDS Society Conference on HIV Pathogenesis and Treatment Abstract MoPe11.2C43
Hyperimmune Egg Protein Decreases Submaximal Heart Rate and Increases Peak Power  Scheett TM,  Martin TD , Carr BM, Koster CA, Celmer, PA, Whitener JA and M Webster  2007  Medicine  & Science in Sports Medicine & Exercise  39:S365.

Increased Muscular Strength and Enhanced Muscle Repair with Hyperimmune Egg Protein Supplementation Scheett TM,  Martin TD , Carr BM, Koster CA, Celmer, PA, Whitener JA and M Webster  2007 National Strength & Conditioning Association Poster Session p. 768.

Egg Yolk Antibodies for Passive Immunity Jennifer Kovacs-Nolan and Yoshinori Mine; Annual Review of Food Science and Technology 2012 3:163-82



Hyperimmune Egg Protein Supplementation Stimulates the GH→IGH-1 Axis..  Scheett, T.P., Boland, C.G., Rivera, L.E., Martin, T.D., Carr, B.M., and Webster, M.J.  2008  National Strength and Conditioning Association, Las Vegas, NV

Effect of the Hyperimmune Egg Supplement on Regulation of Insulin-Like Growth Factor-I. Rivera, L.E., C.G. Boland, and T.P. Scheett. 2008 Southeast American College of Sports Medicine, Birmingham, AL.

Effect of the Hyperimmune Egg Supplement on Anabolic Mediators of Muscle Repair. Boland, C.G., L.E. Rivera, and T.P. Scheett.  2008Southeast American College of Sports Medicine, Birmingham, AL.

Increased Muscular Strength and Enhanced Muscle Repair with Hyperimmune Egg Protein Supplementation.  Scheett, T.P., T.D. Martin, B.M. Carr, C.A. Koster, P.A. Celmer, J.A. Whitener, and M.J. Webster.. 2007 National Strength and Conditioning Association, Atlanta, GA
Hyperimmune Egg Protein Decreases Submaximal Heart Rate and Increase Peak Power.  Scheett, T.P., T.D. Martin, B.M. Carr, C.A. Koster, P.A. Celmer, J.A. Whitener, and M.J. Webster. 2007 American College of Sports Medicine, New Orleans, LA
Hyperimmune Egg: Its Ability to Maintain Weight and Lean Muscle Mass in Individuals with Cachexia Rhenni Ambekar, M. D. and Vinod Chungi, Ph. D.
Null Effect of Test Articles After Injection of Rats with Mycobacterium butyricum [Contract Research Organization]
Lack of Effect of Immune Egg in Preventing Rat Paw Edema after Injection with 5% Formalin or Carrageenan Alan Cowan, Ph. D.
The Effect of Egg Powder on Intradermal Carrageenan Injection of Female Beagles [working title] Jeff Hunchar, D.V.M..
Null Effect of Hyperimmune Egg in Preventing Dextran Sulfate Sodium-Induced Stimulation in Rodents Jacoby, H., Brodie, D. Wnorowski, G. and G. Moore
Effect of Immune Egg in Animals Injected with Type II collagen [working title] Trentham, D., Daley, M., Fitzpatrick-McElligott, S. and R. Dynesius-Trentham
The Effect of Immune Eggs on NZW Rabbits on High Cholesterol Diets Wilborn, W., Pierce, T., Hyde, B., Coleman, W., Weaver, J., Gaston, T., and S-C Xiang (unpublished)
Effect of Immune Egg on Serum Cholesterol in Rabbits on Atherogenic Diets Wilborn, W., Pierce, T., Hyde, B., Coleman, W., Weaver, J., Gaston, T. and S-C Xiang (unpublished)
The Dampening Effect of Hyperimmune Egg on Carrageenan-Induced Neutrophil Migration Wilborn, W., Pierce, T., Hyde, B., and Xiang, S-C

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